New hardware document

DHF (Door and Hardware Federation), has published a new downloadable document for the building and hardware sector: TS 007-2:2019 – Enhanced security for mechatronic cylinders and/or associated hardware.

DHF’s new technical specificationhas been prepared following the emergence of an attack method focused on cylinders used in locks.New door assemblies are covered by PAS 24 and complete mechatronic lock assemblies by DHF TS 621.The TS 007-2:2019 publication aims to provide a level of security for mechatronic cylinders comparable to that specified in BS 3621 and PAS 24.

The document provides information on enhanced security mechatronic cylinders and security hardware intended to be used on dwellings and other buildings requiring similar levels of security.

The specification includes a classification method, and references test methods and acceptance criteria for the assessment of enhanced security mechatronic cylinders and associated security hardware.It covers replaceable cylinders intended for use with rim locks, and/or mortice locks, (including euro profile, oval and threaded cylinders) and associated security hardware intended to give these cylinders protection from attack.The publication covers such cylinders and associated security hardware supplied either as a package or separately.

In the document, which is an extension of DHF’s original specification first published in 2014, the DHF strongly recommends that manufacturers of TS 007-rated cylinders and security door handles/escutcheons carry out third-party certification of every product claiming compliance with this specification, because the TS 007 specification employs human testing, and certification ensures that this gives, as far as is reasonably practicable, consistent and reproducible results.

BSI offers third-party certification against TS 007 using its Kitemark brand.In this case, the TS 007 star-rating is displayed alongside the Kitemark logo on both products and packaging.