Lightweight roof partnership

A new partnership between Veluxand Guardian Warm Roof in the UK will see Guardian only fit Veluxroof windows in its lightweight roof replacement systems.

Guardian’smanaging director Joe Kearney said: “Both Veluxand Guardian are in enviable positions as leaders in their specific areas of expertise; and synonymous with quality and innovation in the industry.Guardian has been in the business for over 30 years. Velux,globally, is a little distance ahead of us on 75 years. To be at the top of your game for that long is rare. From the moment we started talking about how we might work moreclosely together we quickly realised there was an obvious synergy, not least in our longevity and the seamless integration of our products.”

Guardian Warm Roof’s UK-wide network of approved installers has now grown to over 500 members. They are served by more than 24 trained and accredited fabricators who are, in turn, supported by Guardian’s own in-house technical engineering department. That level of knowledge, service and support means that over 300 UK homeowners receive new Guardian Warm Roofs installations in the UK every week.

Guardian’s operations director Ross Darcy said: “This is a huge deal for the industry. Guardian was the first solid roof replacement system in the UK. Since then we have grown our range to include lightweight slates, shingles, and the Guardian Extension. Whatever our companies develop, at the heart of both Guardian and Veluxlies a relentless approach to innovate, and support independent testing and approvals. Working together, we can learn from each other and inspire our combined communities of approved installers and fabricators to build even better living spacestogether.”