Major accreditation and a UK first

Blackpool-based Weru UK – a distributor for Weru (Germany’s market leader in windows and doors) – has just achieved the RAL certification in respect of the new RAL approved window installation standards required for all aspects including air tightness, security and wind loading.

Weru UK said it is the only window and door company outside of Germany to receive this certification, and one that required the company to undergo stringent assessments and training.

Kate Lindsay, sales director at Weru UK, said: “RAL is recognised as a trusted trademark worldwide and a reliable guide for consumers over the almost 90 years it has been in existence.

“While the Weru product range has had full RAL accreditation on its finished products for many years, the introduction of a RAL certification for technical installation is new. We feel it will be of high interest to all UK architects and specialist Eco builders, and will clarify the myriad of grey areas that exist re the optimum fixing methods.”