Lock launch

Brisant’s stand at the FIT Show was in a prime spot at the entrance to the VIP area, visible the length of the main aisle in Hall 7. It won the Most Creative Use of Shell Award too, for the design featuring a mega-sized screen that formed the back wall of the stand.

But stunning though the stand was, it was Lock-Lock, Brisant Secure’s new security handle, that interested everyone. The handle’s patented design protects against cylinder picking, bumping, drilling and snapping. It breezed through the 2-Star security test and it’s believed that new security standards will have to be developed to reflect its ‘real life’ security.

Flick the switch on the inside handle and you activate Lock-Lock’s unique spindle block, so the door can’t be opened from the outside, even if the cylinder is breached. If the spindle can’t be turned the door won’t open. And it’s available for doors that are only ever locked from the inside, so no key is required, just the internal switch, which makes it ideal for use on conservatory, patio, bifold and double doors.