Letter plate security scheme

With a growing concern that letter plate performance can undermine the security of doors, Warrington Certification has launched a new Certisecure scheme: ‘STS 218 – Enhanced Security Performance for Letter Plates’.

Developed in response to a mandate by Secured by Design (SBD) that all letter plates used in doors for SBD projects must be third party certified, STS 218 provides a route to compliance with the requirements of SBD.

The Ukas-accredited scheme acts in support of technical specification TS008 – a new test standard developed along with the support of SBD, trade associations and the wider hardware industry – which defines the requirements for classification of enhanced security for letter plate assemblies and slide through boxes.

By working alongside the TS008 technical specification, Warrington Certification can ensure that the STS 218 scheme is kept up to date to combat the latest methods that criminals are employing within this field.

Paul Duggan, certification manager at Warrington Certification, said: “While the security performance of doors has significantly improved over the past few years, letter plates continue to be a cause for concern.

“Manufacturers are striving to improve the security of their products, and this new scheme should give confidence to those purchasing the letter plates that the product they are buying offers the best in terms of security performance.”