JFP enhances production

John Fredericks (JFP) has revamped its production facility with a fully automated frame welding and corner cleaning line, enabling the company to service customer demand with even greater efficiency.

The Huddersfield-based window and door manufacturer has invested significantly to further improve quality. According to JFP, the new line has also sped up fabrication, increased capacity, and optimised workforce structure.

Trading continuously for more than 53 years, JFP is said to have a long history of continuous investment to stay ahead of the curve on product development.

“We’ve always prided ourselves here on looking ahead and being proactive rather than reactive,” said Mark Dicconson, managing director of JFP. “We’ve seen an increase in demand for foiled products and this is only going to continue to rise, so we’ve made this latest manufacturing upgrade in advance of this.

“The set-up is really, really impressive, with the most advanced machine available. We’ve now got an Urban SV 800 automatic corner cleaner fed by two Urban AKS 6600 8-headed welders, all on a fully automated conveyor system, along with a transfer table and cooling racks for foiled products.

“Operating through barcode recognition, the system has been designed to recognise different profiles, whether foiled or not, and automatically enter the profile size, thus removing the chance of human error. This enables absolute accuracy and consistency, and increases output.

“This is in addition to the SV 800 automated sash line we installed in April 2023, which increased our efficiencies by almost 50% and enabled us to produce an additional 100 frames per day!”