Improved customer support

The Apeer team will be promoting its improved customer service at the FIT Show, alongside its windows and doors.

“In recent years it has been all about the products on the stand, especially as we were launching and developing Lumi,” marketing manager Linda Tomb said. “Of course we are thrilled to be showcasing some wonderful new products at the next FIT Show, but for 2017 we have made a real push to upgrade our online presence and customer support offering too.

“Our showroom in Ballymena has recently undergone a substantial makeover which now offers a far better place to showcase the latest Lumi products, and we are really excited to share this with FIT Show visitors alongside our other developments.”

While the renovation works were underway Apeer were finalising preparations for a pair of upmarket new brochures that are scheduled to be released in time for the show. The brochures, one each for Lumi and Apeer doors, will also be supported by the launch of two contemporary new websites.

“Launching a dedicated Lumi website and complementary brochure were always something that we had in mind, but we had to make sure that the Apeer doors side of the business didn’t get left behind in doing so,” Apeer director Asa McGillian said. “The Apeer doors website was last updated in 2015 and everyone felt it was time to give it a refresh in order to maintain consistency between the two brands. Both sites have been designed to complement one another and incorporate similar user friendly features and layouts.”

Key updates to Apeer’s online Doorbuilder feature will be another improvement that the company is keen to share. This online pricing and ordering tool has been overhauled to incorporate the entire list of Apeer products, including the most recent additions to the Lumi window and door range. To highlight the Doorbuilder features and how the programme can support the design, costing and ordering process, hands-on demonstrations will be available.

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