Garden room opportunity for the trade

Pod on a Pallet
Pod on a Pallet

New company Pod on a Pallet supplies garden rooms on a quick turnaround, and is designed to help installers generate business from the increased demand for expanded living spaces in the home.

Pushed through the trade, Pod on a Pallet allows installers to offer homeowners the choice of, initially, two different garden room configurations, which are then delivered to site in 10 working days.

The aim is to build a network of installers, each with their own postcode, who can sell a desired product that is backed with marketing support.

“I believe the market is right for Pod on a Pallet,” director James Lister said. “I know a lot of window suppliers who are tired of chasing their tails and need better supply, and many of those would like to get into the garden room market.

“With Pod on a Pallet, I believe we have built an industry-leading product. We’ve cut out all the waffle, and put out two options into the market, which installers can get delivered in two weeks.”

The basic model is a 3.3m x 2.7m fully insulated garden room with a sliding door, which is also offered with a canopy and decking area as a second option.

All timber used in the pods is sourced from sustainable forests with FSC certification, and all external cladding is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation

High quality PVCU windows and doors are available in a choice of black or anthracite finishes with colour on both sides, and electrical and flooring packages are offered if required.

Plans are already in place to expand the Pod on a Pallet offering, which will include a garage option. This is being developed to meet what is considered to be a significant gap in the market, with installers already identified in key locations.

The garden rooms are delivered in a flat pack format, come with a 15-year warranty, and don’t require planning permission.

“I know the glazing industry well, and I think loads of companies would want to sell this,” James said. “It’s a no-, or low-cost set up, and the market is young.

“It’s a great price, and we’ve limited the options, otherwise it wouldn’t sell. This is about installers getting on with what they are good at and not waiting for weeks for suppliers to deliver materials that arrive incomplete or damaged.”

Pod on a Pallet is now being manufactured in Halifax, and is already being delivered to early adopters.