Foiled again

Liniar has invested in “one of the most technically advanced lamination machines on the market”.

The £750K Luna R Automatic Profile Wrapping Machine from Italy was specifically designed for Liniar and will help the extrusion company speed up the production of foiled profiles.

Liniar currently offers 36 foils across five substrates, giving a possible 3,330 colour combinations.

The decision to purchase this machine was made in 2019 as part of Liniar’s long-term strategic plan to increase its range of stock items and offer shorter lead times on made-to-order products.

The new machine will be fully operational by November and will offer the capacity of two standard lamination machines, effectively halving overall energy consumption in line with Liniar’s focus on manufacturing efficiency and environmental standards.

Production director Eddy Webb said: “We’ve all seen the huge increase in demand for foiled products as consumers become more aware of what’s available. Liniar has always been at the forefront of introducing new colour ranges to the market, and our plans for 2020 included looking at ways to increase the range even more towards the end of the year.

“The demand spikes following the Covid-19 lockdown have had the effect of accelerating our plans and we’re delighted to receive the machine earlier than planned.

“It’s our aim for the Luna to run the work of two existing lamination machines, allowing the team greater flexibility to focus on special orders.”