Factory space boosted

Dutemänn recently expanded its factory space in Kent by 28,000ft2.

Martin James, owner of Dutemänn, said: “We moved into our Northfleet facility nearly five years ago. Two years later we acquired a neighbouring unit giving us 28,000ft2 of manufacturing space. In truth the merger of these two spaces were never given enough thought, so after three years of making do, we decided to finally break through the wall and literally double our space.”

Goods in became Goods out, stock holding moved along with all the machinery, and work stations have been relocated – all improving flow.

“We have taken the opportunity to invest in more machinery and more people; logistics have been enhanced,” Martin said.

These changes, have already proven fruitful with productivity much improved. The reallocation of staff has meant they are walking much less per day – in one case, fewer than 4,000 steps.

“We seem to have grown an area of approximately 4,000ft2,” Martin said. “This in part is due to moving the hardware stores to above the showroom, but with our new bespoke racking, much of our buffer bar length stock is up high rather than sitting on valuable floor space.”

This 4,000f2 will be allocated to meet the demand of the Dutemänn Haus range of aluminium front doors, launched in 2013 and still growing, along with two new products that will be launched in the first half of 2020.

“The recent re-allocation of space was planned and completed on time and within budget,” Martin said.“Now that makes me proud.”