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Hazlemere’s commercial sales director Tony Beale.
Hazlemere’s commercial sales director Tony Beale.

Hazlemere Commercial is now an Exor-approved safe contractor.

Exor Safe Contractor has been designed to help simplify health and safety responsibilities for organisations that employ building contractors.

Having gone through 12 years of rigorous annual vetting, Hazlemere Commercial has been judged to have the competencies and processes in place to protect employees, clients and end-users.

The company is on Exor’s list of vetted contractors, which was established to help public bodies find and employ suppliers that offer outstanding service and an uncompromising commitment to health and safety.

“The public procurement landscape has changed drastically over the past decade, and now more than ever, organisations are under pressure to guarantee best practice when it comes to health and safety,” Hazlemere’s commercial sales director Tony Beale said.

“That’s why we’re delighted to be Exor Safe Contractors, and help public bodies, local authorities, property developers and others comply with the most stringent health and safety regulations.”

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