Evening quote service

Installers who want four-hour quotes from Framexpress can now get them over the phone, fax or email on weekday evenings up to 9pm, the company said.

Stuart Green, director at Framexpress, said: “We know that installers are on site during the normal nine-to-five working day, so calling or emailing to get a quote for another job has to wait until later.

“From talking to customers, we know that many of them do their quotes in the evenings when they get home. So, it made sense for us to offer a quick quote service until later in the day, in addition to our early morning opening. It means that installers will be able to get a price back to homeowners faster than their competitors.”

The Framexpress quotation team is on hand from 7.30am to 9pm Monday to Thursday, and 7.30am to 7pm on Fridays.