Energy savings and refunds

Liam Conway of Control Energy Costs (CEC) recently revisited Double R Glass & Roofing Systems and managing director Ian Sims to confirm the savings it achieved while reducing their energy costs.

Double R, based in Northamptonshire, manufactures sealed units and conservatory roof kits with 2016 seeing investment in a brand new high speed IGU line. Liam and Ian initially met in August 2016.

‘We currently work with over 40 glass manufacturers,” Liam said. “We have developed these relationships by sharing our success stories which validates why other similar companies should consider working with us.”

CEC undertook its initial audit and analysis for Double R, and highlighted a number of opportunities to reduce costs as well as secure retrospective energy refunds.

“It was great to be able to sit down with Ian after producing my report and show significant cost savings for them,” analyst Becky Camfield said. “One of our key strengths is looking at all of the cost areas which make up an invoice.”

CEC undertakes the initial audit and analysis at no cost to the client, the business is geared towards proving value versus working with an energy broker, which it has been doing for 35 years. CEC works on a share of savings basis, and are only paid based on results they achieve.

“I’m delighted with the service from Liam and Becky, they offer a professional service, with great attention to detail,” Ian said. “They have secured us significant savings and as such I would be happy to recommend them to anybody, particularly on the basis that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”