Design and support package

Conservatory Outlet has unveiled a new digital design package to support its customers’ lockdown sales, alongside a new online sales forum.

The software, dubbed the Professional Design Service, was due to be officially unveiled to the Conservatory Outlet Network of retail installers in late spring 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic prompted priority final programming and testing to allow for an accelerated launch, the company said.

Supported by the guidance of an industry sales professional, homeowners can choose from hundreds of colours, styles, designs and performance features and see their vision develop in front of them. The tool also offers customers an immediate price.

Originally conceived to be used face-to-face with customers, the network’s sales teams have been coached in the benefits of sharing their screens via apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to adapt their approach.

Greg Kane, CEO at Conservatory Outlet, said: “Home improvements are all about visualisation. Making a significant investment like windows and doors, you need to really connect emotionally with the product and explore the huge range of options before you commit, which is exactly what PDS is designed to do. Now we’ve proved it can be used successfully online, this only heightens its huge sales potential for the future.”

The design package supported lockdown sales efforts of more than £4 million since its launch on March 30.

Meanwhile, Conservatory Outlet has also launched an online sales forum.

The exclusive group, accessible only by sales professionals employed within its Conservatory Outlet network of retailers, officially kicked-off via Zoom on March 30 and has engaged weekly during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

With 70-plus participants per session, the concept has proved extremely popular with design consultants, sales people and senior directors, all keen to discuss the latest techniques and tools to further perfect their approach, the company said.

“Our concept is simple: get people talking, harness this innovative capacity, and spread it far and wide so we can maximise our sales potential,” Greg said.

Sean Dennigan, design consultant at network member Clearview Home Improvements, said: “Working from home can feel a very isolating and lonely place at times, especially when you’re feeling the pressure to perform in difficult circumstances. The conversations I’ve been a part of have been really inspiring. Yes, I’ve learned some new ideas, but more than anything I value the camaraderie, the competition, and the comfort than I’m not alone; I’m part of something much bigger, and that gives me great confidence.”