Clean fleet

Ultraframe has invested its fleet of delivery vehicles, with the most recent additions being eight new Renault tractor units, which join the 15 new trailers that were introduced to the fleet at the end of 2018.

The eight new tractors are replacing current vehicles and boast cleaner engines that meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standard. They are also around 10% more fuel efficient than the previous Euro 5 vehicles.

Each of the tractor units features state-of-the-art technology including telematics and a range of driver assist technology and cameras to make delivering Ultraframe’s conservatory and extension roof systems more environmentally friendly while minimising the risk of accidents and being more comfortable for the drivers.

Ultraframe’s logistics manager Paul Greaves said: “It was the advancements in driver comfort and overall ease of use that were key in choosing the new Range T as replacements in our fleet.

“The potential for fuel savings compared to other marques are definitely there and once our drivers have completed their Optifuel driver training we will be able to really maximise the use of the new technology in this area.

“Some of our long-standing drivers who usually think ‘a truck is a truck’ have acknowledged that the Range T is something different and something special – they have even commented that they look forward to coming to work even more since they started driving them.”