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As the WarmCore team gears up for the FIT Show, they’re asking fabricators and installers to take part in the WarmCore Challenge by putting their current aluminium window or door system to the test.

WarmCore windows and doors, the thermally efficient aluminium profile systems from the Synseal Group, are designed around a 65mm multi-chambered core which offers unbeatable thermal performance compared to other similar aluminium products, the company claims.

The WarmCore window system has been tested to achieve U-values as low as 1.3W/m2K double glazed and 0.8W/m2K triple glazed. In addition, the WarmCore team has announced that the new slim vent SV window can achieve the same U-values as the standard sash and is available triple glazed.

Talking about the reasoning behind the WarmCore challenge, head of research and development Phil Parry said: “Across our WarmCore range – including our new SV slim vent window, flush sash, tilt and turn and the full door range including bifold, residential and french styles – we are leading the aluminium market in thermal efficiency and are able to produce very low U-values comparable with many PVCU profiles.

“The reason our fabricators choose WarmCore is not only because of its unparalleled thermal efficiency, but also because we’ve made it really straightforward to fabricate. It uses a unique cam lock system which enables easy corner jointing and minimal investment in manufacturing machinery, which saves a lot of time and money for fabricators setting up to use aluminium for the first time.

“We designed the composite structure of the profile so that dual colour could be achieved at the point of manufacture, rather than adding an unnecessary off-site operation. This reduces lead time on dual colour by weeks compared to other systems – with many of our fabricators choosing to take mill finish material to enable them to coat in any RAL colour, giving them as much colour flexibility as they want.

“In addition, WarmCore has recently been acoustically tested to deliver a sound reduction value of 45dB (-2;-5) in its standard form without the need for any complicated componentry or gaskets which make the fabrication process more complex. This sort of high-end performance is built into the very DNA of every WarmCore product.

“These are just a few of the stand-out features that make WarmCore so unique. So what we’re asking fabricators and their installers to do in the lead up to the FIT Show is take part in our WarmCore challenge. There’s lots of reasons why we think WarmCore is the most flexible and high performing aluminium product out there – but we don’t want customers to just take our word for it, we want them to see these benefits for themselves.

“So this is our challenge: if your current aluminium system doesn’t achieve double glazed U-values of 1.3W/m2K for windows and 1.4W/m2K for doors, if you aren’t able to triple glaze your slim vent sashes, if an aluminium flush sash isn’t available to you, if you can’t achieve dual colour easily, if you aren’t offered PAS24 compliant products as standar, or even if you can’t find published acoustic data for your current system, then visit us at stand R15 at the FIT Show and find out what WarmCore is all about.”

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