Certified zero pellet loss pioneer

Profine has become the first PVCU system company in Germany to receive the certificate of the pro-K initiative ‘Null Granulatverlust’ (zero pellet loss), the company has announced.

The initiative of the pro-K association, the German industrial association for PVCU semi-finished and consumer products, is part of the global commitment of the plastics industry to ‘Operation Clean Sweep’.

These programs aim to minimise the loss of plastic pellets to the environment and are an industry contribution to combating the global marine litter problem from plastic and other waste.

“With its commitment, Profine is playing a pioneering role and thus sets an example for responsibility in terms of sustainability and environmental protection,” pro-K managing director Ralf Olsen said.

At Null Granulatverlust, the participating companies must draw up a detailed plan of action to prevent the loss of granulate in their factory and start and monitor its implementation. To this end, the association offers various materials, such as a checklist for the tour of typical critical points, a best practice collection, or a supplier information letter.

Stefan Schäfer, member of the management board and chief product and marketing officer at Profine, said: “By participating in the initiative, we underline the sustainability philosophy of Profine. By literally sweeping our doorsteps, we want to set a good example in the industry and show credibly that we care about protecting the environment. In a further step, we also want to motivate our customers to take part in the initiative.”

Ralf said only a small proportion of plastic waste in the seas is pellets. “The majority are used items such as packaging waste or fishing nets which were carelessly released into the environment,” he said.

“The keyword, however, is avoidance. What is avoided does not migrate into the environment. This is where the zero pellet loss initiative comes in. It is therefore important that the plastics processing industry also sets an example and does everything that is in its direct sphere of influence.”