Busy show

Balls2 Marketing reported a “fantastic response” to its FIT Show appearance.

The Balls2 Marketing team were on hand, manning the busy bar while talking to visitors about the full-service packages they offer, which includes copywriting, social media, graphic design and SEO.

“There are so many highlights from FIT Show,” Sarah Ball, director at Balls2 Marketing, said. “The Pigs bar worked brilliantly at the centre of the stand, giving us a great place to catch up with so many people from all areas of the industry.

“Our bar certainly became the centre of the rocking Pigs party on late night Tuesday. So popular, our team served more than 1,000 drinks in just three hours and guests drank the bar dry. You could hear the party – and the Kubu band – from all around the hall, as the fun spilled out onto the aisles.”

The Balls2 Marketing stand also hosted The Joinery Network’s launch lunch on Wednesday.

“We are a founding partner of The Joinery Network, and we’re really pleased to have had such a good turnout for the launch lunch,” Sarah said. “DGCOS even brought along George Clarke.”

Balls2 Marketing also did its bit to help GM Fundraising during FIT Show, by selling Pigs slippers and raising £600 in the process.