Business bounce back

Origin adapted quickly to the new Covid-19 regulations, and bounced back from lockdown to ensure it is business as usual for its partners, the company has announced.

Origin also said it received 30% more orders in July than in the same period last year.

Daniel Baker, Origin’s new managing director, said: “Covid-19 was obviously an incredibly difficult time for most businesses, with those operating in the manufacturing industry particularly feeling the pressures of lockdown. Thankfully, we have come out the other side and business is strong.

“This is in part due to our ability to adapt and innovate quickly, us being able to confidently offer a reliable service to customers new and old, as well as the demand being driven as consumers are wanting a change after spending so long in their homes over lockdown. To have 30% more orders than from July 2019 is remarkable given the circumstances.”

Origin said its ability to react to change quickly allowed it to steal a march on the rest of the market in terms of lead times and consistently of being able to deliver on time and in full.

“We have had to adapt the way in which we run on a day to day basis, incorporating all of the necessary social distancing and quarantine rules,” Daniel said. “We started out relatively slowly, with longer lead times than we are used to, but through innovative thinking and introducing different shift patterns in the factory, we have been able to bring the lead times across all of our products back in line with what we and our partners are used to. It has been a big challenge to overcome, but one we have tackled head on.”

In July alone, the Origin factory manufactured enough doors to cover 5km when fully pushed open. That is the same distance as 15.5 Eiffel Towers, or doors stretching 60% of the way up Everest, in just one month.

“In the current economic climate, no business can afford to lose money unnecessarily, so we take our part in the business success of our partners incredibly seriously,” Daniel said.