Announcement fit for a mayor

Apeer announced another investment in machinery for 2021 during a site visit by the local council’s mayor to see the factory’s latest extension and to hear about the business’s continuing growth and workforce expansion.

The visit by the mayor of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, Cllr Peter Johnston, followed two factory expansions to house multiple plant and machine investments over the past four years, and the creation of 45 new jobs.

Among the machines now set to be installed in the newly expanded plant as part of this latest investment are a five-axis CNC router, a second four-head seamless welder, a four-axis CNC machining centre, and a ceramic roller robotic cleaner. A four-head plasma treatment machine will also be delivered to the site in the summer.

The mayor requested the visit to see what is now one of the largest manufacturing businesses in the area. He met with Apeer’s senior management team to get an overview of the business and how it has grown in the past five years. He also discovered how, despite the challenges of the pandemic, Apeer has managed to maintain its strong growth position by targeting specific elements of its marketing and focusing on quality.

“The past year has been a time of great challenges for our industry but also great opportunity for us, which we have been quick to capitalise on,” Apeer’s production director Chris Wilson said.

“Since re-opening our doors safely after lockdown, we’ve seen unprecedented demand for our composite doors and Lumi windows as people who have spent so much time at home now look to upgrade their homes with the best in craftsmanship and built-to-last quality.

“Lumi, our award-winning frameless window and door range, has taken the self-build market here by storm, and with the projection of more homes being built across the UK, we expect demand to remain high and we are determined to grow the business through 2021 and beyond.

“This latest round of investment in new machinery will enable us to continue to increase workflow, efficiencies and overall productivity to help feed this demand.”