Aluminium sector boost

The proposed High Speed 2 (HS2) high speed railway linking London to Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester will boost the commercial aluminium sector, according to a fabricator.

A report by KPMG said the new rail project, due for completion in 2033, could boost the UK economy by £15 billion a year and will create 22,000 construction jobs in the next five years.

Mike Davis, managing director of CDW Systems, said new commercial and residential projects on and around the rail line could provide a big boost to the aluminium sector.

“HS2 is set to provide a big boost for the aluminium sector as specifiers on projects around the rail-line look to aluminium as the material of choice,” he said. “We’ve already received feedback from customers who are being asked for quotes on commercial and residential projects, linked to the development.”

Mike also questions why the government doesn’t invest in other big infrastructure projects, while interest rates are low.

“Base interest rates are at an all-time low of 0.25% and have been around this mark for the past five years, meaning that this period would be the perfect time for government to borrow money for more big infrastructure projects,” he said. “Cuts have been made to investments in schools and hospitals but not why invest in these sectors and create jobs and supply side benefits?”


Mike Davis, MD (left) with Jerry Webb, group chairman.

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