Windows, doors and monkey habitats

Liniar explains how an unusual request led to a change in direction for one double glazing company.

It all began with a double glazing business and an unusual request from a homeowner in 2011 for a ‘cat lock’.

Formerly the owners of a successful double glazing business in Ipswich, Steve Vince and Peter Garlick had no idea then that they would go from a building a cat lock to the becoming a leading supplier of bespoke PVCU animal housing to animal welfare organisations across the UK.

When the request for the cat lock came in, the homeowner told Steve and Peter about being turned down by other double glazing companies, and they knew they were up for the challenge. The brief was for a room that would keep the homeowner’s Siamese cat from escaping when the front door was open. A bespoke job that required function over form, Steve and Pete delivered a finished PVCU porch that made the customer – and her kitty – very happy.

After that first request, the pair picked up a dog house and a cattery. The cattery was built for The Supreme Cat Show in November 2011. Their prototype PVCU cattery was hygienic, low maintenance and fit for purpose – and it went down a treat with breeders and boarders at the show.

With the positive reception they received at the show, Steve and Peter shut down their double glazing business and opened Peticular Pens. With over 50 years’ combined experience in double glazing, they put their expertise and creativity into every job they do.

From the beginning, Peticular Pens has used Liniar profile to build everything from catteries and ferret houses to rabbit hutches and even the monkey habitat at the London Zoo.

“Steve visited the Liniar manufacturing facility after a TruFrame representative had shown him the Liniar profile,” Pete said. “At the time, Liniar was the only lead-free profile, which was a requirement for animal habitats. After all, we don’t build these enclosures for the money; for us, it’s all about the animals – and they come first when choosing the products we use.

“After seeing the profile and speaking with the team, it was easy to see that no one else does what Liniar does. The frames are nice and light, and the insulating properties are much better than other profiles. The enclosures we build need to keep the animals out of the elements and housed in a comfortable temperature – Liniar profile is perfect for the job.”

The Animal Welfare Act was recently amended, which changed the regulations for animal welfare buildings – and while Peticular Pens’ competitors’ buildings no longer passed regulations, its did.

Peticular Pens benefited from the fact that RSPCA branches could trust that the animal enclosures built by Peticular Pens would not only be safe but would pass all the regulations.

Since the opening of Peticular Pens in 2012, the duo has been very busy with animal welfare organisations, private catteries and animal organisations.

The fact that Liniar profile is a cornerstone in Peticular Pens’ operation to save animals across the country makes us proud to be part of it.