Why training is crucial

Andy Ball, MD at Balls2 Marketing, says training is vital for making sure we offer clients the best service and the most up-to-date advice.

2021 marks the ten-year anniversary of Balls2 Marketing. We’ve been reflecting on the growth in sales and profits for customers and the success and growth of the agency over the last decade. One thing that was most compelling during our discussions was the huge investment we have made in training our team.

From writing courses to business strategy and management programmes, and everything in between, training our team is of utmost importance to Balls2 Marketing, not least because of the high-quality content we are known for, but also so that we can give the best advice to clients.

This has proven critical in the last 12 months. The ever-adjusting advice and information that has been delivered by government through the Covid pandemic has meant that we have had to use our most agile skills to communicate in the most pertinent and relevant way.

All our writing team are members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, and it has been interesting to see the breadth of training compared to 10 years ago. Certainly, there is a lot more emphasis on online writing and social media.

Our graduate training programme has brought huge talent to Balls2 Marketing. For example, Lauren, now our general manager, started six years ago in her first job out of university.

Some have stayed with us, while others have gone onto to new roles to further their careers.

Apprentices too are a key part of ongoing learning. We have created a complete training manual to go alongside their courses, which means they get the practical as well as the theory.

I keep myself up to date with the latest in business, marketing, the industry and manufacturing through talking to business owners and leaders, both in glazing and my broader network. It gives opportunities to share ideas, best practice and future considerations. From my conversations, I research the subjects, so I gain a deeper understanding.

In the last 10 years, the speed of change in marketing has never been faster. Investing time and money in training means we have been able to keep ahead of trends in marketing. When clients tell us that they achieve faster growth and higher profitability working with us, it demonstrates the value of our investment in training.