What would you give for a sure-fire lead?

Andy Royle
Andy Royle

It’d be nice for an installer to get a guaranteed lead, says Andy Royle, co-founder and managing director of Leads 2 Trade. It’s why the UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads in the home improvement sector has spent over 15 years trying to provide that for its customers. And, as Andy explains, they’ve almost cracked it.

There’s no such thing as a sure-fire lead,’ is a phrase we will have all heard a lot. And unfortunately, on the face of it at least, it’s true.

As every window, door and conservatory installer will know, you can speak to the consumer, fix up a call or visit to sit down with them, but until they sign on the dotted line, it’s time you’re not getting paid for – and time you’re not going to get back.

Is the consumer serious? You’d like to think so, as they are taking the time to call you, but there’s nothing worse than putting the leg work in only to then realise they were not as far down the buying process as they first appeared, or don’t quite want what you are selling.

When the demand is there, and the market is buoyant, there is an increased chance of taking a lead all the way through the sales funnel and coming away with a sale. And even if you don’t manage to convert, with more leads to sit chances are it’s not as crucial as others will be in the pipeline.

When times are tougher in the market, however, wasting time and resources on a lead that doesn’t go anywhere can affect your business. And with an industry that has lurched from feast to famine for installers over the last few years, sitting, pitching and winning a lead is more important than ever.

At Leads 2 trade, we built our reputation on double qualified sales leads through our call centre with the mission to provide installers with quality leads rather than quantity. Almost four years ago, we took that even further by introducing our confirmed sales appointment, no pitch no fee, lead service to provide our customers with even better leads and a sure-fire way to win work.

These leads are provided with a fixed appointment against set criteria and the available dates in an installer’s diary – so all they must do is turn up and close the deal as they know that the consumer wants what the installer is selling so it’s easier to make the sale.

The lead is sold to just one other company, giving the installer a 50% chance of winning the work, and if the installer doesn’t get to sit and pitch the lead then it doesn’t cost them anything.

More than 70% of members are now using this service because it reduces no shows and is more cost effective, typically achieving a 1:3 conversion to sale with a cost of sale as low as 8%.

Another reason why these leads have excelled is that, not only have we got our network members in mind with them, but we have the customer in mind too. And that’s hugely important, because without the consumer there is no potential sale.

Consumers don’t want to spend their time on the phone speaking to installers, and we hold their hand through the whole process and keep them updated on everything to make things as easy as possible. After all, a happy consumer is more likely to buy.

It’s no surprise that, with installers receiving fewer enquiries from their self-generated efforts, we have seen our member network strength increase with installers looking to win more business. With our confirmed sales appointment, no pitch no fee, leads they are the closest thing to a guaranteed sale installers can get.

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