What to look out for

OnLevel’s Gary Dean looks at wellness in building design.

Over the last few years the building industry has seen a significant change in regard to building and interior design and the importance of wellness. Wellbeing is one of the most important, quickest developing trends and one that’s having a notable impact in the building and interior design industries. The trend is set to continue well into 2020.

Using the latest research evidence, architects, interior designers and alike are forming surroundings with specific emphasis on the influence they have on the wellbeing and health of the individuals that occupy them. Specifiers are looking for building products that can help them deliver efficient, innovative and beautiful buildings that provide healthy environments.

It’s no secret that glass is a fantastic building product, its use around the globe has been widespread and ever popular upon new and old builds for decades now. Due to its thermal, structural, safety and aesthetic benefits glass is the go-to choice for a broad range of building applications, from shop fronts to stadium balustrading, shower screens to full glazed facades and roofs, glass is a multifunctional material.

Glass provides many advantages for buildings designed with wellness and wellbeing in mind. When used effectively, building spaces can embrace natural light and all the benefits sun light gives. Cleverly designed homes and workspaces can rebound and filter natural light into awkward spaces, and allow for rooms to be flooded with light throughout the day, bringing obvious wellness benefits.

In 2020 the demand for minimal, uninterrupted views, clean lines and light-filled spaces shows no sign of slowing. Glass, with its multitude of benefits, is being used with hardware that limits interruption to its aesthetic benefits. Minimal framed sliding doors continue to increase in popularity along with frameless glass balustrading and Juliet balconies that provide the all-glass look. Furthermore, glazing applications that capitalise on the expanse of glass with minimal impact hardware, take full advantage of the flow of natural light for the benefit of wellbeing.

We’ve been mindful of wellness in building design and the impact our product range can have on creating spaces that maximise the potential for healthy environments. The issue of wellness, and a broad range of equally important factors, are continually being reviewed by our product development team. We strive to ask questions and ultimately provide innovative solutions that add value.