Versatility the key to growth

As one of the UK’s composite door pioneers, Safedoors has played an integral part in the product type’s meteoric rise, according to sales director Lorna Young.

In just 15 years, composites have gone from bold new innovation to accounting for approximately 50% of the entire entrance door market – and if the latest report by trusted fenestration experts Palmer Market Research is to be believed, the composite door market is set to get even more lucrative.

Palmer’s ‘The Market of Domestic Doors’ report forecasts a further 22% increase in composite door sales through to 2020, and that market share could grow to as much as two-thirds – a world away from the gloomier picture the same report painted back in 2015, when volumes fell by 0.7%.

What we’ve seen over the past few years is a marked shift towards premium products sitting at the higher end of the market. Consumers are more informed, discerning and demanding than ever – and whereas doors were once seen as a very practical consideration, today they are viewed as a key factor contributing to the overall style and character of a property.

Homeowners want stylish, highly customisable products that can be extensively personalised to fit their vision – and the most successful composite door firms are those that are responding to that with extensive product ranges designed to give customers the widest possible choice.

Safedoors was one of the first fabricators to pick up on that shift in consumer appetites, responding with an array of products that not only offer robustness, security and outstanding all-round performance, but the level of customisation installers need to win more leads, more sales and grow their businesses.

Safedoors offers two ranges of composite doors: the Diamond range of high-insulation, foam core, GRP-skinned products; and the Platinum range of solid-core, thermoplastic facing doors.

Diamond Range doors are split into three distinct categories, Traditional, Heritage and Contemporary, to guide consumers and to showcase the different sectors of the market the doors can cater to.

The beauty of having two composite door ranges is it gives our trade customers high-quality products that can appeal to different sections of the market. We’re constantly developing and expanding our range to give our customers more options to meet consumer demand and stay ahead of the curve. Just recently, for example, we extended our Diamond range to include two new styles, new glazing options and six new fabulous colours including aubergine, duck egg blue and chartwell green.

We have also added a Deluxe range of stainless steel hardware options, giving homeowners the chance to customise their door with decorative furniture. We will also expanding our product line with a number of new additions in the coming months.

Palmer’s report makes encouraging reading: it shows we’ve taken the right approach – and it shows us exactly what we need to be doing if we want to build on the successes of the past few years.

Consumers have spoken. They want stylish, bespoke door products that they can tailor to the precise look and feel of their homes – and we’re dedicated to continually developing our range to arm our valued trade customers with everything they need to cater for that.