Universal approach to ancillaries

Adrian Clare, technical sales executive at Window Widgets, talks about the significant benefits of universal ancillaries for fabricators. Lower stockholding, a greater range of colours and better use of cash are just some of the advantages as he explains.

The industry is facing many unprecedented challenges at the moment, and for PVCU and aluminium window and door manufacturers, supply, capacity, resource and a risk in over-trading are very much real-life issues.

While much of the supply focus for these businesses is with their respective systems houses and hardware partners, the requirement for ancillaries is often overlooked and that’s why Window Widgets has proven to be a reliable partner for many.

Some companies are reliant on the supply of ancillaries in the form of sills, corner posts, couplers etc from more than one systems house, which can add considerable complexity to their respective businesses. Having to multi-source such products requires additional stockholding in terms of space, and it’s also cash that’s tied up in stock. When you consider the demand for colours and woodgrains has accelerated considerably in recent years, this can mount up, and already we’re hearing stories of frame manufacturers struggling for space.

No business can afford to be holding stock for long periods of time, and there’s also the real risk of using the wrong ancillary from an alternative system, as products such as sills can often look similar between systems.

Our range of baypoles, couplers and ancillaries have been designed to satisfy the needs for nearly every 60mm-70mm window and door system in existence, along with the requirements for our sister brand, The Residence Collection, which has both 75mm and 100mm platforms. We also have dedicated solutions for vertical sliding sash windows in the form of couplers, baypole and 90º corner post.

Over the years we have expanded our range of plain white colours to seven, while we now foil laminate 35 different woodgrains and colours, including the latest trend towards a smooth finish. So, whatever the system we generally have a perfect colour match to suit, with the added benefits of three-day deliveries and the ability to order single lengths.

It’s also part of a portfolio that’s been built up over the last 21 years and extends to over 1,500 products including a structural pilaster, mighty mullion, multi-beam, drip bars, along with protection products, bridge packers, drainage caps, run-up blocks, locking wedges and other accessories. With steel prices also seemingly rocketing up by the week, we offer the ever-popular Werbar, a profile reinforcement made from recycled material.

As we’re the only true ancillary supplier within the industry in terms of experience and expansive product range, we have detailed technical information in our 158-page product directory, along with our website which also facilitates online ordering. There’s also the benefit of a dedicated technical sales resource in house, along with my colleague Tom Edwards, who’s the external sales representative.

The decision to single source all ancillaries is a relatively easy one and one that makes common sense. Having less cash tied up in stock, and the ability to order single lengths in just three days with a perfect colour match, is a process that’s already enjoyed by many PVCU and aluminium fabricators, including those manufacturing composite doors and vertical sliding sash windows.