Think locally but sell globally

By Toven.

In brief, Toven manages the process of searching through hundreds of individual classified ad sites.

In the modern world, where it is becoming easier than ever to move products across the globe; borders and distance are becoming less of an issue. Toven is a borderless, unifying classified ads search engine. It curates data from the top classified ad sites and sources within each country. It then combines this data into an easy-to-navigate application; rather than boxing users into areas, cities or countries, Toven’s borderless approach allows the user to locate information that is normally left undiscovered.

Toven reclassifies all ads into its own category system, making it easier to find items. There is no need to worry about each site having its own categories or mapping; with Toven, everything is the same. It can also display or hide categories within each search at the touch of a button.

Toven does not replace any classified ads sites. It is not another generic classified ads website. It is purely a discovery system; a search engine to discover ads on other platforms.

What Google is to websites, Toven is to classified ads.

Toven will not take traffic or potential sales away from other sites; it only acts as a unifying search system. Users simply search, discover and then follow the ad to the original site. The end sites will still have users and traffic and might actually benefit from Toven, as new users could be directed to them.

The aim of Toven is to improve the online experience of finding classified ads, second-hand items or niche objects. There is no need to spend time repeating the same search across multiple websites in a single country. Toven can search hundreds of websites simultaneously across the globe, helping to find the right item at the best price, faster than before.

With the development of item tracking, a user can give their requirements to Toven and they will then be notified when an item matching those demands is found, anywhere.

Using Toven will provide a greater experience to the end consumer – saving both time and money. In addition, Toven is a great way for local companies to target potential customers who are interested in their products.

Toven Ad Territories have been developed to enable a single, non-intrusive advertisement for each search to be displayed. A company can then pay to show up in this advertisement and is able to set parameters such as keywords, product names or county geographical locations.

A company selling timber doors, for example, could choose to appear in advertisements for specific counties only, and set parameters of timber door, wooden door, wood door etc. They would be the only company to show up in a search for those terms in those particular locations.

In addition, Toven’s Ad Territories are only sold to a single company at a time; keywords or counties are not sold twice.
We believe that Toven will become an invaluable tool for searching the internet quickly and simply. It is easy to use and produces results. It is the next generation search engine.