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Jeremy Phillips
Jeremy Phillips

It’s said that fabricators now need to be more than just a supplier. With changing regulations, they are often the first port of call for installers, while the increasing complexity of projects means that they need to provide advice to a customer on the right products. Jeremy Phillips, CDW Systems’ group chairman, explains more.

Fabrication is no longer just about manufacturing a product and getting it out the door.

One thing that is never going to change for fabricators when it comes to keeping customers happy is providing them with a product range that will help them win more business – and for

CDW Systems that is something we have done for more than 30 years.

While high quality production, lead times, delivery and over three decades of technical knowledge are the backbone of our success, the continuous investment in our product portfolio is another reason for our longevity at the top.

We have recently introduced Aluk’s Luminia F82 slimline bi-fold door and the Part L compliant 58BW/BD (HI) window and door system and will be launching Technal’s Soleal Next aluminium windows and Tental curtain wall to our product range to meet customer demand and provide installers with products that will help them seize more business opportunities.

We have always supported our customers in meeting the evolving demands of the end user and adhering to the everchanging regulation landscape. Our expanded product range reflects our dedication to customer success, allowing them to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

Responding to demand

Regularly introducing new products or enhancing existing ones has enabled us to address emerging trends effectively and stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s the integration of sustainable materials, energy-efficient glazing options, or innovative design elements, CDW Systems continually aligns its offerings with the evolving demands of the market.

Adaptability is the key to staying ahead, and that goes hand in hand for both fabricators and installers.

Our experience in the market helps, but listening to our customers is just as important. They are on the front line and know what is proving popular, while being part of the East Manor Group also helps as we have the benefit of seeing trends from our sister company Clearway Doors and Windows.

Empowering customers

The expansion of CDW Systems’ product range isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s about providing our customers with the tools to succeed. When a client has a unique project requirement, our ability to provide tailored solutions from our extensive product range becomes a game-changer and it gives installers a much better chance of securing new projects.

They need to be able to offer comprehensive solutions and work with a single supplier so projects can be completed on time.

Ahead of regulations

Installers need products that not only look and perform well but also comply with changing standards and our dedication to product innovation aligns with evolving regulatory changes, saving customers from compliance headaches.

We don’t know exactly what 2025 is going to bring but we are getting in front of it early and doing everything we can to make sure we are ready, so our customers can be. All three of the new products we have introduced this year will make sure we are compliant as they are designed to meet and exceed the highest industry standards.

Every new product we introduce is down to demand and interest from our customers, and to make sure we can provide them with products that are enhanced in both design and performance, making them much more thermally efficient.

Technal is at the forefront of getting ready early for 2025, while all three of our new products from AluK have been improved with AluK’s HI version, enhancing the overall energy efficiency and performance of each system.

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