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Jeremy Phillips
Jeremy Phillips

When a business has been built on commercial doors, it stands to reason that said business is the place to turn to for installers in need of the best doors for a commercial project.

For specialist aluminium fabricator CDW Systems, launching in 1992 to supply aluminium commercial entrance doors to the trade has helped establish what the company has become today.

And commercial doors are still a major part its operation from its Gloucester-based headquarters.

Jeremy Phillips, CDW Systems’ Group Chairman, said: “When you talk about CDW Systems’ roots then commercial doors really laid the foundations for what has been continued growth for the last 31 years. Aluminium has been the preferred choice for commercial doors thanks to its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal and we have consistently improved our commercial door products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

The perfect solution

CDW Systems’ proven range of competitively-priced commercial aluminium doors have been installed in a variety of applications including the retail, education, healthcare, and MOD sectors.

The company manufactures commercial doors from leading systems house Technal, including the STII High Traffic thermally broken door and 202 Commercial non thermal door.

Available in both non-thermal and thermally broken profiles, they can be tailor-made to suit all commercial applications with hardware options for all requirements including preparing the doors to accept automatic swing or sliding automatic door operators.

“Our commitment to quality has earned us an enviable reputation among architects, contractors, and installers,” said Jeremy. “Our commercial doors are designed to meet and exceed industry standards and we ensure customers have the right commercial door to match their project requirements.”

Commercially sound

Commercial projects have come to the fore this year, and Jeremy said that being specialists in both the domestic and commercial market has helped.

“We haven’t really seen a downturn despite it being a tough time in the market because high earning consumers are still spending on high-end aluminium products, but one of our strengths is that we have that mix between domestic and commercial.”

With the evolving nature of the industry, CDW Systems has also had to make sure it can provide customers with commercial doors that meet stringent regulations.

“With the focus on thermal efficiency, there has been a big shift to thermally broken commercial doors rather than non-thermal ones, while there is more complexity in the different types of hardware that are asked for on commercial doors now too, such as different forms of security for fire escapes, and different entry systems, which makes the manufacturing process more complex.

“We have also placed huge emphasis on sustainability, using recyclable materials and reducing waste wherever possible.”

A helping hand

The company also provides comprehensive pre-sales support and full technical back-up for commercial doors to help customers satisfy the requirements of their project and successfully complete it on-time and to the correct specification. The team can also liaise with customers early on to help determine the best products to suit a particular project.

“We pride ourselves on being a real asset as a supplier and our service to customers and thanks to our 30-plus years of experience we have been able to refine the technical support we offer,” explained Jeremy.

And as one of the UK’s longest running aluminium specialists, CDW Systems can also bridge the gap for smaller fabricators, who might have restricted production capacity or limited access to specialised equipment, to meet the demands of large-scale commercial projects for any commercial doors they need.

Jeremy added: “Some companies will also fabricate more domestic aluminium whereas we do the commercial range as well, so they will use us for those products for their commercial projects.

“Thanks to expanded production facilities, and state-of-the-art machinery, they don’t have to worry about struggling to meet the demands of large-scale projects and we are finding this is an area of growth for us.”

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