Take your best shot: permission

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

As I have recently been asked I thought I’d offer a little advice on photography permissions to ensure you stay on the right side of your clients.

When taking pictures of an installation, especially if it is a residential project, it would be courteous to ask permission to take pictures and agree that the pictures taken will be used for your business promotional purposes.

Normally, a verbal is acceptable of this agreement is sufficient. Should there be the client or someone else in the image purely for a lifestyle type shot then you must get a GDPR compliant ‘model release form’ completed. While this may sound complicated, there are good examples of the document freely available online. This will ensure that you have permission to use their image and store their image for future use.

Commercial photography, taken on an owner’s property, would also need permission from the owner, again confirming that the pictures taken will be used to promote your business. Confirmation of approval by email is sufficient, and sometimes caveated with the need to approve copy text should the project be put in the press.

Again, if people are clearly shown in the photographs, they should sign a model release form.

Lastly, there is what we call ‘street photography’. If you are on a public thoroughfare you have rights to take images and use them as you wish, but be careful of using images that clearly show well-known business logos as part of the project, as you may get pulled up on the basis of brand hijacking.

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