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By Carl F Groupco.

When it comes to connections, hardware distributor Carl F Groupco has strong partner relations which form the backbone of the organisation. Relationships with leading manufacturers play a pivotal role in the company’s service commitment and the ongoing advancement of its comprehensive catalogue.

“We are on the cusp of a major electronic evolution in the UK’s fenestration market; it offers the biggest growth potential since PVCU was offered as an option to wood and is something that should be embraced industry-wide,” Carl F Groupco’s managing director John Crittenden said.

“The advantages to end-users of our SmartSecure electronic door locking and access control suite of solutions is the freedom of no longer being restricted to using a traditional key with the advancement of smart access control technology including the SmartConnect app which can be used alongside connected home solutions such as Amazon Alexa.

“It’s not only the smart functionality that this solution offers, the motorised multipoint door lock is PAS24 accredited and, on closing, fully engages every locking point securing the door. This isn’t a gimmick – it’s a full door lock security solution that intelligently integrates smart home controls.

“The benefits to fabricators include setting yourself apart with this new technology, offering an added-value solution, being ahead of the curve, and doing all this with the full support of Carl F Groupco, an established organisation specialising in comprehensive and accessible support.

“Early adopters of our smart tech range from the aspirational residential market to housing associations and sheltered housing installations. It is a solution that is popular across all sectors.”

Two leading industry names who are partners of Carl F Groupco, and whose technology supports the company’s SmartSecure electronic door locking and access control brand, are Fuhr and Yale.

The collaboration between Carl F Groupco and Fuhr dates back to 1962, and the fittings supplier is not only the stockist of the largest Fuhr range in the UK but it is also the German lock manufacturer’s biggest single customer worldwide.

Fuhr’s multitronic 881 fully motorised multipoint lock was the ideal option for SmartSecure. The lock’s intelligent technology, combined with a modular construction, means the versatile system is ideal for the SmartSecure range, which includes the smartphone/tablet-based SmartConnect app; the SmartTouch sensor variant that can be concealed into a pull handle; and the brand’s radio-based access control system.

With secure locking every time the door is closed, the security features of Fuhr’s 881 lock are highlighted by Carl F Groupco. Addressing research that suggests a number of break-ins are through unlocked doors, an alarm signals any issues with lock engagement. The SmartConnect app offers the ability to monitor the status of the door, only when the door is closed and locking points engaged does the system report a secure door.

A recent Smart tech advancement by Fuhr means that UK SmartSecure customers can now use Alexa-enabled devices, such as Amazon Echo, to control the SmartConnect app functions.

“We have grown with Fuhr to increase our offer from standard mechanical locks to the fully motorised 881 multipoint lock,” John said. “Fuhr is an important partner to us for a number of reasons including product quality, innovation and service commitment.

“A shared ethos in working practices and open lines of communication, such as the relationship we have with Fuhr, are key to the success of our partnerships.”

In 2017, Carl F Groupco added Yale’s Conexis L1 Smart Keyless Locking Handle to its SmartSecure offer. Ideally suited for retrofit installations, the addition to the company’s portfolio enhanced the company’s range of smart options and increased its smart tech offer.

New markets for SmartSecure were opened up as any 92mm PZ door lock can easily be upgraded to incorporate the system, whether a retrofit or new door.

In July this year, the relationship was further cemented when Carl F Groupco partnered with Yale to supply the lock manufacturer’s full product range. It was a strategic move enabling a close working relationship with Yale that will facilitate the introduction of new products, future product development and testing to ensure continued advancements for customers.

Partnerships, such as the relationships it has with Fuhr and Yale, are central to its service philosophy as they facilitate product advancements, enable considered product sourcing to provide tailored packages for customers, support testing initiatives, and provide a fast track to comprehensive product support.

The synergies between the hardware distributor and the manufacturers that contribute to its range of over 7,000 product lines ensure a strong focus on quality and innovation, two key attributes that have been significant in the success of SmartSecure.


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