Strategy, strategy, strategy

Nikki Dunbar
Nikki Dunbar

By Nikki Dunbar, NIX Collective.

Now that the Christmas festivities are behind us and we’ve taken some time over the break to reflect on the year gone by, we need to really focus on what we want from 2024.

At a time when consumer spending remains uncertain, the resilience of businesses lies in effective marketing and the importance of a full marketing strategy, alongside a solid brand identity. The landscape has evolved and it’s no longer just about catchy slogans or flashy advertisements with a stand-out offer. Now more than ever, the emphasis should be on the customer journey, key messaging, and creating long lasting relationships that entice repeat business and recommendations.

We need to delve into the customer experience and understand stakeholder needs, desires and pain points – whether an end user or a key decision maker – at every level of the supply chain. By aligning the marketing strategy with various touch points of this journey, businesses can create better and deeper connections with their audience.

Key messaging has also undergone a transformation, with topics such as sustainability taking centre stage more and more. Consumers are increasingly aware about the environmental impact of their choices and it’s something which genuinely influences purchase decisions. It’s also something that within the industry, fabricators and installers alike are looking to suppliers who incorporate sustainable practices into their businesses, enabling them to carry this message, through their own marketing, down to consumer level.

As we take another step towards net zero, the term and the meaning of ESG is being further debated and, combined with the changing ways that consumers purchase, the overarching message is that businesses need to be seen ‘being better’. Whether that’s in customer service, product offering, brand presence, or sustainability.

Businesses must pivot their marketing strategies towards authenticity, empathy, and a genuine understanding of the evolving consumer landscape. If you get these values into your marketing campaigns in 2024, combined with an impactful professional brand and a consistency of content, you will shift towards better customer relationships, creating robust solutions to navigate this time of ongoing uncertainty.

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