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SWISSPACER Head of Marketing and Sales John Cooper
SWISSPACER Head of Marketing and Sales John Cooper

Swisspacer’s head of marketing and sales for UK and Ireland John Cooper says energy efficiency is still the top concern for homeowners, and explains how Swisspacer helps fabricators and installers sell energy efficient windows.

Today’s consumers have got used to looking for higher ratings on domestic appliances that save money on fuel bills. But there is work to be done for windows and doors. In a recent GGF survey, 62% of consumers were unaware that more than 20% of heat in the home is lost through inefficient windows and doors. Energy saving still tops the reasons why homeowners install new windows and doors, and almost 75% consider energy efficient windows and doors as important when buying a new home.

Helping them understand why one window or door is more energy efficient than another is important. Most are familiar with rainbow energy ratings labels, and common sense tells people that an A+ rated window is a lot better than a B or C. But they won’t know how much better, or what makes an energy rated window more efficient, or how individual components make a big difference.

Warm edge technology has revolutionised window energy efficiency, yet few homeowners know it. So, few notice the small bar between the panes of glass. Yet that little bar can make a very big difference to long lasting energy performance.

Aluminium spacer bars are highly conductive so heat passes quickly through the window. Warm edge spacer bars, made of an insulating plastic composite, insulate the edges of the unit, keeping them warm, so less heat is lost through the window and less heat is required which saves money on heating bills.

But not all warm edge spacer bars are the same. Some lose their performance relatively quickly, allowing moisture to enter the unit and air or gas to leak out. When that happens, the energy efficiency of the window reduces along with the expected energy savings.

Swisspacer is different. Uniquely, its impermeable high tech gas barrier stops gas leaking out and moisture getting in. So an ‘A rated’ window with Swisspacer inside stays ‘A rated’ and keeps on saving money year after year, whether it’s double or triple glazed.

Developing a leading range of high performance spacer bars has been a high priority, but looks are important too. Swisspacer has the widest choice of spacer bar colours and widths (17 and 19 respectively). So, we have a solution for every style and colour of window, for all types of property from contemporary to traditional.

To help customers sell the difference and the benefits of windows with Swisspacer inside we introduced the Swisspacer Toolkit. It’s a set of comprehensive marketing tools and selling aids that tell the story of warm edge technology in an engaging and consumer-friendly way. It includes: a fun explainer video; Caluwin, our BFRC approved energy-calculating app that also calculates money savings; brochures; data sheets; window and van stickers; sample cards; and more. Customers love it and installers find it so much easier to sell the benefits.

Our new HQ in Milton Keynes provides hands-on support to customers, including meeting facilities and showroom. It houses our new laser marking service for sealed unit manufacturers, and large, easily accessible stocks for direct customers. It’s also a centre for hosting talks, CPD sessions, and customer meetings.

Our commitment to the UK and Ireland, and investment in our UK distribution, provides sealed unit manufacturers, fabricators and installers with the best performing products and the best support to help them sell the benefits of energy efficient windows with Swisspacer inside as easily and profitably as possible.

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