Sliding back into fashion

Carmen Velilla, brand manager at PatioMaster, looks at why the sliding patio door has such enduring appeal and how developments can open up more opportunities.

The sliding patio door has been a staple in portfolios for years, but in recent months our installers have been reporting a surge in interest in the sliding patio.

As well as attracting interest from more traditional consumers who like the practicality, the product is now being picked up by style-conscious consumers who place an emphasis on good looks.

The current trend is for large expanses of glass that give unrestricted views to the outside. In the patio doors from PatioMaster you have a product that delivers just that but as importantly, are easy to install, deliver trouble-free operation and offer a wide choice of configurations and colours so delivering what today’s installer needs too.

At PatioMaster we have a continuous process of innovation to ensure we are delivering what the market needs, and in our latest developments we are bringing benefits that will appeal to the sliding patio’s traditional consumer base and its latest converts.

Recent research shows the trend for colour is growing exponentially. In many cases this is because consumers want something tangibly different when they’re investing in new or replacement doors or windows, and colour is one of the easiest ways to achieve this.

Our Palette colour range has 28 shades, including six from stock such as the classic Cream Décor, the black brown finish on both sides on a dark brown substrate, and the anthracite grey finish both sides on a dark brown substrate.

White doors are normally available within five working days, stocked colours have a 10-day lead time, and on non-stocked colours there is no minimum order quantity.

We have also made developments to the versatility of our sliding patio with the introduction of a triple track option, which opens up the market for three and six pane patio door configurations to give our door system greater versatility.

We’ve paid particular attention to the aesthetics. The ride over design enhances the overall appearance as well as reduces the amount of plaster cutback needed during installation. The doors are easy to use and glide open easily thanks to features such as carriage wheels at the end of each sash that ensure stability as well as making them easy to adjust during installation. Triple track doors are available in 24mm and 28mm glazing options.

All our doors now feature a new outer frame that is designed to suite with all our current and future window and door systems. The new design has a flush internal face and a revised 70mm depth back edge detail, so if you are using a 70mm system, you’ll find you have a perfect match.

Finally, we have expanded our range of ancillaries and standardised them across the brand. It means you have more flexibility with less stockholding and a perfect fit.

The new developments on our sliding patio door show how we deliver a product that’s in tune with what the market needs. You will also benefit from the PatioMaster concept: a framework of local suppliers and a trusted national brand.

If you’re a fabricator you’ll love the fact that we reduce your stockholding costs and improve your workflow by providing everything your customers need from a specialist product. If you’re an installer you’ll love the stand-out quality, easy installation and trouble-free operation our products offer.

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