Research and development

By Build Check’s Richard Bate.

In previous months, we have looked at the PAS 24 security standard, preparing for Brexit (which is now well underway), the Secured by Design police initiative, and the forthcoming amendments to Approved Document L of the Building Regulations. 

In the last two months we covered supply chain and the potential for buying British, and the areas of accepting and taking responsibility. It would be nice to think that we have given you something of an insight into Build Check and some of the ways in which we may be able to help you in your business activities.

If you have decided to embark on a testing and certification journey, or would like to review your present arrangements, or would like to extend your product range options and would like to initiate an appropriate testing regime, then what would be the best way to get started? Well, after an initial chat to broadly outline your requirements it may well be that you could benefit from a Build Check R&D Day.

We will start your day with a ‘getting to know you’ session to ensure that we can better understand your requirements and you can better understand how we can go about meeting them. We will also show you around our headquarters and laboratory. 

Please don’t expect a gleaming glass building with landscaped gardens as you won’t be getting one. That said, you won’t be paying for one either. What you will experience is a well-equipped and very functional facility that will enable us to carry out the testing you need and address your certification needs.

We will obviously have talked with you ahead of your Build Check R&D day to ascertain what you would like from the day and make sure we can ‘gear up’ to make sure that we deliver it. It may be that you are looking to get started with PAS 24, for example, but have some reservations regarding some of your hardware combinations. 

It would make sense in that case for us to carry out some preliminary testing just to make sure that you wouldn’t be wasting your time and money submitting those products for full testing if they have no real prospect of passing the tests. We can test your hinges, your handles and your locking systems if required. If the preliminary test outcomes should prove inconclusive or puzzling, then you have time to resolve the problems before a full test. We will discuss your potential requirement for any preliminary testing in good time ahead of the day so that we can plan to use the time to best effect.

Carrying out some preliminary testing will also afford you the opportunity to become more familiar with the testing methods, regimes, and requirements, and therefore gain a better understanding of the whole process and the world of testing and accreditation. This will undoubtedly be of significant value to the future running of your business and help you to stay ahead of the game. 

While you are with us, you will also be able to see and try the Fenestration Oracle, our unique and exclusive calculator for window and door U-values and acoustic values. The Oracle is recognised by Fensa and Certass for their competent person schemes and makes it easy to access energy performance information for windows and doors, and also provides a simple five-step process for UKCA and CE Marking for your company’s products.

Your Build Check R&D day will be a full on day in terms of time and activity. The experience, knowledge and information you gain from the day will stand you in good stead with regard to your full testing and certification programme, and will help you get the best bang for the buck going forward. 

For a comparatively small outlay we believe that a Build Check R&D Day could be one of the best investments you ever make.

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