Not one, but two

Head of marketing David Wigley explains why Synseal Group is taking two stands to this year’s show.

Over the last few years our acquisitive approach and heavy investment in innovative products has considerably widened Synseal Group’s product offering, giving us one of the most comprehensive ranges available.

During this time, several of our products have emerged as leaders in their fields, and we felt they’d earned the right to be seen and judged on their own merits, which is why we are bringing two of these brands to the FIT Show with their own dedicated stands: WarmCore and Masterdor.

The value proposition of the WarmCore family of products and the Masterdor range positions them in a slightly different part of the market to what people may traditionally expect of Synseal – despite the fact that we’ve come a long way from the PVCU extrusion company we were forged as in the 1980s.

We now have an excellent range of products that bolster and widen our fabricators’ offers and supports their installers in increasing their margins with quality products that make a real difference to homeowners.

Aimed at discerning consumers who demand beautiful aesthetics alongside exceptional performance, both WarmCore and Masterdor offer customers the kind of product differentiation that can drive business growth in a sullen market.

This approach certainly doesn’t mean that Synseal Group has become a two-trick pony. Last year we took a wide range of our products to the FIT Show and successfully introduced the Synseal Group umbrella brand to the industry in a formal capacity. While Synseal Group may be familiar to our fabricator customers and our competitors, it may not mean a lot to installers who may only be familiar with a few of our many products.

However, WarmCore and Masterdor are two of our stand-out brands recognised by installers up and down the country. Our focus with these two brands is on how we can help our fabricators to help their customers add value to their projects with quality, high performing products that stand out from the crowded competition.

At the WarmCore and Masterdor stands this year, we will be able to show customers these innovative products in greater detail than we have been able to do before. Any visitor to either stand will leave with a clear idea of what makes these products so special, whether that is unbeatable thermal performance in aluminium or a lifestyle range of timber doors that won’t rot, twist or warp.

With WarmCore alone, we will be showcasing four new developments including the new slim vent SV window, a range of new finishes, a high performance fixed roof light, and another brand new product yet to be revealed.

At the Masterdor stand, we’ll not only be showing off our impressive range of 27 styles and 21 colours, but also demonstrating new sales tools, including an augmented reality Craftsman Door Designer that has been designed specifically to help installers improve conversion rates with homeowners.

Most importantly for both fabricators and installers, these stands will give them the space and time to consider how these two brands fit into their wider offer and how they can be used to drive more sales in what looks like a tough year ahead.

Each stand has been designed to embody the brands’ personalities and will help fabricators, specifiers and installers to understand each of the product’s USPs, of which I’m pleased to say there are many. We’re really excited about the stand designs we have come up with and it’s been both a challenge and a real enjoyment for us to focus on this new approach to the FIT Show this year.

Masterdor K40

WarmCore R15

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