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Simon Monks, managing director of VBH (GB), says should the worst happen, homeowners want to feel protected by a guarantee that does what it says on the tin.

Crime figures are regularly disputed, but one thing that can’t be disputed is the effect on victims; burglary has a much bigger impact than just the financial value of any items taken.

A recent survey commissioned by Everest revealed the psychological effects that had the most impact: 46.5% of the respondents who had been burgled felt unsafe in their homes afterwards, while 37.6% had trouble sleeping as a result of the break-in.

If you or a neighbour have been burgled, your chances of being targeted increase – to the extent that the police provide an online map showing the location of reported crimes (

Security is always an important issue for homeowners. They look to installers to advise them on the best methods to keep burglars out, including choosing reliable, high quality locks and hardware. And if a break-in does occur via the hardware, homeowners need to be confident that they are covered, with a rock-solid guarantee that gives true peace of mind.

There are many guarantees out there, but the small print is often full of legal jargon, get-out clauses and exclusions. It’s confusing and it isn’t reassuring. That’s why we put together the Q-secure guarantee, with no tiny terms and conditions to worry about.

Every component in the greenteQ range is designed by our team and tested extensively, including PAS24 testing at BSI where applicable – and we’ll be adding more products early next year. One of the benefits of being one of the leading third-party suppliers means we can also cover products from Hoppe, Maco, Roto, Securistyle, Siegenia, AGB, and Yale under the guarantee. It’s the only multi-brand guarantee that allows certified Q-secure fabricators a choice of hardware. Whether the hardware is from VBH’s greenteQ range, or from the other brands mentioned, as long as the windows or doors are manufactured in accordance with our Document Q specification, they’re covered.

The Q-secure guarantee is designed to cut through all the smoke and mirrors with a straightforward promise: if a property is broken into and the intrusion is down to the failure of a product covered by the guarantee, VBH (GB) will pay your customers up to £3,250. This includes an immediate payment of up to £250 to help towards the cost of a locksmith to make the home secure and up to £1,000 towards the cost of repairing or replacing the door or window. It also includes up to £1,000 towards the customer’s insurance excess, and a goodwill payment of £1,000 to help alleviate the distress caused by a break in.

Q-secure goes a long way to giving homeowners peace of mind. The guarantee will be developed further in 2020 as new products are introduced to our range.

In addition to Q-secure, our 10-year guarantee against malfunction and corrosion covers all greenteQ products with the exception of our Coastline range. Our premium Coastline door furniture is made from austenitic grade 304 stainless-steel that’s been subjected to over 1,000 hours of salt spray testing to BS EN ISO 9227. It’s so well-equipped to deal with harsh conditions such as pollution or coastal weather that we’ve guaranteed it for 25 years. The range has just been extended to include new pull handle styles, including ovular and dimpled, which look great on more contemporary doors.

Newport-based Fentrade Aluminium, a newly appointed approved aanufacturer, uses the Clearspan system on its bifolds, Alpha handles, and the Q-Star profile cylinder – all from the greenteQ range.

“All greenteQ products are consistently high quality, well made and the colour range complements nicely with all our aluminium products,” Chris Reeks, managing director at Fentrade, said. “For domestic and residential products/projects, the Q-secure guarantee is the icing on the cake – it gives us the edge. Security sells.”

The latest sign-ups to our network of Q-secure fabricators include Fentrade Aluminium, Sign Windows, Window Warehouse, Britannia Aluminium, Connaught Windows, Synergy Windows and RayDek Windows.

For more information, or to find your nearest Q-secure approved manufacturer on an interactive map, visit

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