New branding, new chapter

Made for Trade explains why its Korniche product line has been rebranded.

Since 2016, the name Korniche has gone hand in hand with the brand’s success in the industry, defining a new term where engineering-led design and development meets quality and value, which allowed Made for Trade to deliver the best products, with the best service at the best prices.

The name initially became synonymous with the inaugural launch under the new brand, the Korniche Roof Lantern, which has gone on to win multiple industry awards since and continues to be successful for Made for Trade.

As part of an exciting new chapter, the name Korniche will now take centre stage, not just as a brand representing one market-leading product, but as a fully fledged standalone title that will apply the same exceptional qualities to a range of products from Made for Trade.

As part of this change, a new suite of revised branding has been revealed to offer a fresh and dynamic yet appealing and instantly recognisable design to reflect the unique qualities which has driven Korniche to be sought out by name, with a corporate identity that acts as a consistent figurehead for the expanding range of leading products.

Made for Trade’s marketing manager Ian Bousfield said: “As the name begins to represent a range of products sharing the same key values, we’ve worked to create a unique new style that proves quickly recognisable to glazing experts and new customers alike.

“The logo and branding will cement a familiar name in the minds of consumers looking for a trusted go-to brand in glazing products, while enforcing Korniche’s award-winning characteristics that place products as the trade’s number one choice for quality, installation speed and efficiency, both for the current Roof Lantern and forthcoming Bi-Folding Doors.”

The new-look logo and style will be introduced across digital and physical platforms from the end of September 2021 and help phase-in Korniche’s exciting next chapter to trade and consumers alike, as well as offering broader appeal and helping drive sales.

The Korniche Bi-Folding Doors are in the final stages of market testing before mass production and rollout later this year, where all the same multi award-winning qualities of the Lantern Roof are incorporated into everything from design to installation.

The 2021 rebrand reflects Korniche as a thriving and rapidly expanding product line, and gives the name a broad consumer-led appeal, where customers continue to specifically request Korniche for their self-build, development, home improvement and extension projects.

The new logo and design accents are intended to drive the brand forward and become quickly identifiable to consumers as a leading name in the market, capitalising on the success of the original Roof Lantern product and subsequent sales. The re-brand will work together with a host of stylised digital updates with the intention of not just refreshing but also improving the process and maximising sales for trade customers.

The revised Korniche website will feature a video-based landing page intended to instantly showcase the lifestyle desirability of Korniche products to prospective consumers in the planning stages, giving first-hand visualisation of the advantages and qualities of the products in an impressive real-world build environment.

The premium online content improvements are supplemented by significant investment in CGI imagery on an easy-to-navigate site, while for those looking for a more in-depth technical understanding of why Korniche is different to other brands, the website also features a multitude of design and engineering content. This covers not just the products themselves, but also the brand history and an explanation of the Korniche team’s technical approach, and why it is one that takes significant and ultra-exacting engineering experience from other industries to revolutionise fenestration products and remain one step ahead when applying such standards and technology to homebuilding.

Clients will continue to benefit from the significant investment by Made for Trade in online and face-to-face promotion of the new and existing Korniche products, and the new branding will allow MFT to approach the consumer market with renewed vigour. This ranges from refreshed point of sale products to the ongoing reach of consumer press and advertising in line with new style guidelines, significant online promotion, and the exposure of the brand at all major homebuilding exhibitions.