More than 30 fabricators have joined Selecta

More than 30 fabricators have joined Selecta in the first six months of 2017, according to sales director Andy Green, who says the firm is bucking the trend.

The European referendum, the triggering of article 50, and the decision to hold a general election – all in the space of a crazy 12 months – have had an impact on consumer confidence and businesses in our industry.

One of the main impacts has been the fall in the value of the pound, with goods and materials purchased outside of the UK seeing a number of price rises this time. Those increases have been passed down the ladder with fabricators experiencing continued price increases. And this may continue.

However, during this period Selecta has been largely unaffected. Selecta is family owned, which has certainly given us a competitive edge by having no outside investors wanting returns on their investments, ensuring that the business can continue to develop and grow organically.

Therefore, we have weathered the storm. We don’t tie our fabricators down with any kind of contract, and we don’t ever intend to apply any surcharges, which a lot of businesses seem to be applying to recoup potential losses. We certainly haven’t imposed incremental price increases on our profile sections during this time.

Another area where we will not compromise on is quality. It can take time to build up confidence in a product or service, which can be destroyed very quickly through business decisions that affect the integrity and reliability of those products and services.

The Advance 70 Window and Door System remains at the centre of our core range of products; we have invested in the development of the flush fit sash and a new 80mm frame – two products that integrate perfectly within the Advance 70 suite of profiles along with adding the innovative Easi-Fold panoramic door solution to the system.

Customer service and support continues to be a major influence on a business’s choice of supplier. It’s all about having a broad, flexible and personal service and support package that works for the customer.

With Selecta you speak to and work with the ‘doers’, those that can make those decisions on a daily basis, and can provide a flexible service and support package that suits your business. We recognise that every business is different and that you cannot afford to offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package, as this may work for one but not the other.

Whether it’s a branded marketing support video, your personal customer support contact or technical engineer, our aim is to provide a first-class service and support package as we welcome you in to the family.

Over the last 12 months or so, we have invested in our main areas of support for customers. Marketing and sales support has seen a host of new marketing brochures and materials, now including personalised videos and e-brochures. We’ve also included a design service for customer flyers and adverts, helping customers to promote their products and services within their area.

With four technical engineers covering the UK, your personal technician is always on hand to handle your questions and queries while providing an on hand technical support service for you and your fabrication shop.

With over 30 fabricators joining Selecta during the first six months of the year demonstrates that there is confidence and reassurance in what Selecta can deliver in terms of products and service. What’s even more noticeable is that there seems to be an increase in installers, who were buying in frames, moving back in to fabrication as they look to take greater control over their business and be less reliant on ‘super fabricator’ delivery.

We’ve also seen the emergence of a number of new company start-ups, an area that has seen a decline in recent years. Homeowners seem to be looking more towards ‘improve, don’t move’, with renovation of their homes now a more cost-effective solution.