A little preparation goes a long way

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

Photography is all about capturing the moment, and for most pictures taken today, the image taken freezes a snapshot in time and makes the photograph all the more relevant.

There is also the studio shoot, which lies at the other end of the spectrum, where products and people are set up and where reality is staged to provide the perfect image for the client.

However, for PR and promotional images, a little preparation does go a long way to improve the image.

If we are to take some pictures of staff receiving an award, check the background. Is there anything that should not be shown? Is there anything in the background that could distract the viewer from the main purpose of the image? Obviously, move any rubbish or waste, as this all reflects on your business.

The same applies on a product shoot on a completed project. By all means ensure the product is clean and that the foreground is tidy, and set the scene, but keep it realistic and make sure its sunny. You want to create the appeal of ‘that could be my house’, not something that could be unreachable for the viewer.

When you have completed the pictures, ans you are not happy, take them again. This is possibly the most important lesson of all: the reiterative process of being critical about what you have taken. Trust me, it’s what makes a better photographer.