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Brian McDonald
Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald, sales and marketing director, Comar Aluminium Architectural Systems, says that the company is well prepared to meet the anticipated stricter requirements for U values ahead of the Future Buildings Standard in 2025.

The fundamental robustness and competitive pricing of the Comar Aluminium Architectural Systems is proving increasingly popular for both commercial and domestic projects, as 2025 Future Building Standards (FBS) deadline looms.

Comar’s achievements can be attributed to the strength and performance of our aluminium frames which have led the market since 1968.

Our continual drive to meet the challenges of a changing market has led to an innovative approach to product development from day one. And as FBS regulations come into focus for the sector, we are now immersed in evaluating the complete portfolio to ensure it meets and exceeds market demand.

The challenges of offering aluminium systems that are sleek and stylish but will also answer the increasing demands for better thermal values are now presenting this sector with challenges that have never before been seen.

Comar has had a seat at the table of innovation for many years in the aluminium fenestration sector. The team has worked diligently to provide superior, thermally efficient aluminium products that can achieve U-values as low as 0.71W/m2K and the positive results are testament to the success of the R&D team.

Innovation without compromise

The Comar team has revised and upgraded existing profiles as part of our programme of innovation. This has included upgrading existing profiles as well as replacing entire systems to ensure that the system’s perform to their best.

The 7Pi doors & 5Pi advanced windows can achieve U values as low as 0.7 U/wm2K whilst the ladder frame 9Pi system can reach the same values as a high-performance door system. These products make it possible to create comfortable interiors and provide stunning aesthetics that will fully maximise natural light.

When it comes to reducing solar gain and the possibility of overheating, Comar high performance frames provide exceptional thermal performance and require minimal maintenance. The system is already a popular brand on all type of commercial and new build projects.

Moving forward, the challenge will be to keep pushing the thermal values without this having a detrimental effect on the overall appearance of the frames.

No doubt all systems companies are working on their own solutions to the FBS regulations as the clock ticks closer to 2025. It will be interesting to see all the conventional and undoubtedly unconventional solutions that will be presented to the market.

Timeline for 2025 deadline

We have already evaluated all the systems in our portfolio and a timetable has been developed accordingly. This details the stage changes needed in relation to product performance to meet the 2023 carbon zero requirements for the market.

With at least 300,000 new homes due to be built every year, there is a pressing challenge for the fenestration sector to hit a net-zero target by 2030. At Comar, we are gearing up to achieve and better the requisite U values ahead of time.

Systems houses in the UK will find, and in many cases already will have found solutions to reduce U values, without losing the integrity and strength of a conventional aluminium system.

However, it will take considerable investment in R&D for some as getting things right is essential; 2025 will be the game changer for the sector when it comes to new standards.

For many of us this gives a chance to review and rationalise our systems ensuring that the products we bring to the market are current and on point.

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