Introducing Zero 90

Chris Armes, Liniar’s design director, reveals more about the company’s new Zero 90 system

The recent COP27 UN Climate Change Conference has once again reminded us about our own responsibility to make changes to the way we work, travel and live.

With over 29 million homes in the UK producing 58.5 million tonnes of CO2 (equivalent to 28 million cars on the road!) the task of upgrading properties to increase energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions is both colossal and pressing.

In addition, rising energy costs are putting households under huge financial pressure, with unprecedented oil and gas price rises hitting every area of our lives.

As homeowners look to reduce both their energy costs and their carbon output, highly energy efficient windows and doors are a sensible and timely investment. The economic and environmental benefits include reducing energy bills and carbon footprint, whilst increasing overall property value.

In 2017, Liniar launched the UK’s first 90mm PVC-U casement window specifically designed to achieve Passivhaus certification. The system has since undergone significant development with the imminent launch of the newly evolved Zero 90 ultra-high energy efficiency window and door range – well ahead of Future Homes Standard targets.

Zero 90 offers some of the lowest U-values on the market for a PVC-U system, reaching U-values as low as 0.7 W/m²K when installed with triple glazing and a staggering 0.5 with quadruple glazed units.

The system can help properties hold steady inside ambient temperatures of 19°C throughout the changing seasons.

Liniar’s Zero 90 range features a 9-chamber PVC-U profile containing recycled materials. It also includes an innovative retrofittable version, Zero 90 R, which allows a 90mm frame to be fitted into a standard UK reveal without the need for expensive and disruptive plasterwork. In both versions, its window and door sashes’ recycled core reduces embodied carbon and makes Zero 90 an even more sustainable choice.

Sounds good

As well as delivering exceptional energy performance, Zero 90 is also a genuine solution to noise pollution. It has a 42-decibel acoustic rating which halves external noise transmission compared to a standard double-glazed unit.

Safe and secure

The Zero 90 casement window has also been fully tested to the stringent security requirements of PAS24. This means it is also fully compliant with Part Q building regulations – critical for both the commercial and new build sectors – and has also acheived Secured by Design accreditation.

These standards not only keep occupants safe and secure from potential intruders but also help to keep insurance costs down.

As a business, we are constantly looking at ways we can help properties become more energy efficient and eco-friendly. We take our responsibility to create windows and doors that can help our nation meet the net zero target incredibly seriously.

I’m very proud of Zero 90. It’s the first, and still the only, 90mm PVC U system in the UK that offers a genuine alternative to other materials in achieving Passivhaus status in a building. The cost of creating a Passivhaus property is usually significantly higher than a standard build, however this system from Liniar helps reach the required values without breaking the bank.

By designing the system with 9 chambers, we are using the best insulative material… air! The equal chambers, in conjunction with triple and quadrupled glazing, act as thermal breaks – all helping the windows reach incredible U-Values and a Window Energy Rating as high a A+40.

Liniar’s continual investment programme in product development is testament to the innovative systems we provide, helping to keep our customers ahead of any forthcoming changes to legislation.

My team and I are very excited to see where the future of product evolution takes us.