Integral blinds are a smart solution

Ian Short, managing director of Morley Glass and Glazing, explains how integral blinds are increasingly popular with homeowners, especially for bifold and sliding doors where other types of window dressing and privacy control are not suitable.

With the growth of the home automation market and smart technology, integral blind technology has also moved on.

The fully electronic or motorised MB System from Morley Glass and Glazing is particularly suited to prestigious projects, especially the exclusive contemporary domestic market. At a time when homeowners are looking for the utmost convenience, the MB system allows the blinds to be opened, closed and tilted at the press of a button – either a wall-mounted push button or remote-control device. No other control device is required. Where multiple windows or doors in the same room are fitted with the electronic blinds they can also be synchronised and operated simultaneously.

Morley Glass and Glazing has worked with ScreenLine manufacturer Pellini in Italy to ensure that the installation of integral blinds is as straightforward as possible. All sealed units with integral blinds inside (regardless of how they are operated) are installed in the same way as a normal sealed unit. The motorised MB System comes fully wired and tested so it’s just a matter of connecting one wire per window to the mains. Fitting instructions are supplied, and installation videos are also available on the Morley Glass website.

With the growth of home automation systems, it is increasingly common that homeowners want to integrate the operation of their motorised integral blinds into their home automation systems, which also allow them to operate various domestic applications such as lighting, heating, safety and security, energy management, and entertainment systems.

Morley Glass and Glazing has developed SmartMotion, an interface that helps installers quickly and easily incorporate its MB System motorised integral blinds into home automation systems. In the past it has been a daunting and a complex task that could cause damage to the wiring of the blinds or the home automation system but the SmartMotion makes the process much easier. In one easy step the operation of the blinds is smoothly integrated into the whole home automation system so that they can be controlled at the touch of a button, even when the homeowner is not at home. The SmartMotion is supplied pre-wired and fully tested, making for a smooth, problem-free installation.

The latest innovation, currently under development, is an app that allows you to open and close your electronic integral blinds from your mobile phone or tablet. Simply select the blind you wish to operate then swipe your finger in the direction of the blind, ie, open, close or tilt. The app was previewed at the FIT Show 2019 and will be fully available later this year. And, like all Morley products, it will be installer friendly.

The key issue with the installation of integral blinds is to ensure that they are manufactured to a high standard in the first instance and have been fully tested in the factory. Morley Glass and Glazing specialises in the manufacture of sealed units with integral blinds inside; it’s our core product so we are experts in this field.

They are available in a wide range of colours and a choice of operating systems. The ScreenLine integral blinds from Morley Glass and Glazing are available as manually/corded operated, cordless slider, solar controlled, slider controlled and motorised. There’s even a slimline version for composite doors and sliding sash windows.