Innovate, don’t imitate

Made For Trade’s Chris Wann explains why the Korniche lantern roof is still the product to which others are compared in terms of security, construction, aesthetics and ease of installation.

Launched in 2016, the Korniche roof Lantern was not only catapulted straight to the top of the desirability stakes for flat roof glazing, but its game-changing, engineering-led design – backed up by experience derived from the motorsport and automotive sectors – means that it still remains a giant leap ahead in terms of construction.

Requested by name from homeowners, the benefits of a Korniche lantern are clear to see for the consumer, with ultra-slim profiles that maximise natural light to flood the living space, yet with significant time-saving attributes for the installer.

Whilst similar products may look to offer some of the benefits of that reduced installation time, it is the beauty of the design you can’t see that hammer’s home our unique approach to fenestration at Made For Trade.

These are details that might not be on show behind the narrow sightlines and hidden fasteners, but the unitary construction, fastening system and glazing components prevent anything from coming close to the same security, weather-tightness and market-leading structural integrity.

There are no visible fixings on show on a Korniche and all joints are seamless; whilst this means perfect aesthetics, it also hints at our ‘clean sheet’ method of design and construction. The number, grade and size of the carefully specified bolts on the Korniche have been optimised for security and rigidity compared with typical self-tapping screw fixings, whilst intricate details such as ridge bosses using anti-crush tubes for perfect installation torque provide a superior, more precise fit than traditional glazing fittings such as flat plate.

Made For Trade’s investment is not just in the fasteners; Korniche kits use a selection of aluminium components such as end caps and ridge bosses that have been uniquely die cast to suit, enabling greater accuracy and tighter tolerances.

During installation of a Korniche roof lantern, installers will see a system that bolts together as a unitary structure rather than box sections and plates that flex or distort to the detriment of security, structural integrity and weatherproofing.

Matching the installation speed of the Korniche might almost appear feasible, but when specifying a glazed product that relies on strength and security, that speed needs to be backed up with assurances that it is derived from clever engineering, rather than any simplification of construction.

Meticulously engineered to be the strongest and stiffest on the market, the lantern supports industry-leading maximum glass sizes without the need for additional rafters, and the cunning design details mean that glazing the structure is free of tapes and messy sealants.

That’s not all, in these days where the thermal efficiency of a home is of the utmost priority, the thermally-broken profiles work alongside a wealth of design features to reduce heat transfer, and lower heating bills as a result.

Finally, any benefits are soon lost if the quality and consistency is not there for each and every item; from order through to installation. Whilst the term ‘quality’ is often seen to represent the fit/finish or longevity of a product, in engineering terms it is concerned with the principles and practice of quality assurance and control for both the product and service.

Made For Trade recently gained the hugely enviable ISO9001 certification, based on continually improving and optimising all stages of how the company operates. This NQA Certification sets MFT and the Korniche roof lantern apart as a result, thanks to the precise repeatability of every single aspect of how a Made For Trade product is designed, sold and manufactured.