How to refine your aluminium door

Graham Lindsay of Weru UK talks about the latest home security features available on the company’s bespoke entrance doors.

Your perfect entrance door is a bespoke work of craftsmanship and can be manufactured exactly to suit your personal design and safety preferences.

Not only can you refine the visual appearance of your door with unique, decorative accents, you can also add the latest security innovations as optional extras.

First let’s discuss the latest biometric fingerprint technology which is available in the Atris aluminium door range. The finger scan unit allows you to open your front door conveniently using your fingerprint, so you can forget about your door key, codes or cards. The control unit compares the scanned fingerprint with the system’s stored fingerprints and opens the door when there’s a match.

Taking this one step further, you can also add Bluetooth technology to your biometric unit, meaning you can lock, unlock and control who enters your home via the ekey home app, which is available on Android and iOS.

Once downloaded, your smartphone can also be used as a remote control, allowing you to unlock the door from a distance on your device. If your phone is lost or stolen, the ekey home app is secured with a six-digit passcode.

Moving on to lock extras, standard AutoLock doors feature multi-latch bolts that automatically lock the door when it is pulled to. There is also the option of a five-point lock system which features sturdy hook bolts made from hardened steel. The hook bolts prevent the frame and sash from being forced apart, so sawing off or bending of the bolts is virtually impossible.

Another additional security feature from Weru is our TwinLock door catch which allows you to open the door just a crack so you can see who’s there. No one can enter until you unlock the catch from inside, and to enter the house you can unlock the TwinLock from the outside with the key. All lock parts are concealed within the door profiles.

Now let’s talk about glazing. Triple Glazing is standard within entrance doors, but as an added security extra, Weru now uses quadruple glazing in most of our bespoke aluminium doors.

We like to call it ‘further burglary deterrent glazing’, as the panes are high quality laminated safety glass to outer and inner panes. This means the glass is very difficult to break, and even if the pane does break, the unit will still remain intact, making it very difficult to penetrate the door and gain access.

Quadruple glazing also gives the obvious combined extra thermal and acoustic protection functions.

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your ideal door. You can, of course, also choose from accessory products such as letterboxes. Why not give your creativity free reign with our exclusive design elements, such as glass art motifs for side panels and patterned glass, to create your personal light mood in the interior. Glass art motifs create an intriguing effect by refracting the light differently depending on the angle of view. These design options are available in addition to the equipment packages of our aluminium doors.

Finally, to ensure your door arrives with you safely, it leaves the Weru factory in Germany with its very own passport and completion certificate, which is signed, dated, stamped and coded by the person who oversaw its entire production. It is then photographed before being placed securely crated for delivery, to ensure it arrives exactly as it left the manufacturing facility.

If you operate a professional glazing business and are looking to further enhance your offering of premium windows and doors, call 01253 341444 to learn more about joining the Weru UK Network.