How do we build brands?

webuildbrands is the new name for McInnes Communications, and founder Iain McInnes talks about how it has influenced some of the most trusted brands in the industry over the last 15 years.

Arguably, one of the golden rules of branding and marketing is to be careful how you change the identity of any business, whether it’s a simple change in colour, new logo or even a new name.

Many years back, a large branding agency was tasked with refining the corporate identity of multi-national chemical giant ICI and the result was the slight change in font with the existing letters, while the rest of the logo mark stayed true to the original incarnation.

So, why have we changed our business entity to webuildbrands? The simple answer is that after 15 years of carefully helping to build some of the largest brands in the sector – including Endurance Doors, Kömmerling, Prefix Systems, and The Residence Collection – we wanted to define the business by ultimately in what we do.

We’re not a large-scale agency with account handlers, as this in many ways is a legacy from decades gone by, but we employ experts in the field of design, photography, videography, and digital marketing, including websites and social media. I directly look after the PR and corporate communications, along with the strategy, which has also helped realise McInnes Consulting, which is a new entity that provides non-exec roles for clients, the first of which is the Kubu smart-sensor brand from Avantis Hardware.

We believe that any external agency must get close to the client, and the relationship, trust and knowledge can help deliver some impressive commercial returns. Our clients typically outgrow both the market and their respective competitors, while enjoying the commercial returns in terms of improved ebita, sustained growth and, ultimately, better brand recognition and trust.

Clients also stay with us for many years, echoing the principles of the business in that we build brands for the long-term, as we look to help clients way beyond the typical remit of an agency. But what of our resources?

Having worked on the client side prior to this business, I’ve built a network of partners who I trust: a graphic designer who’s been a creative director at award-winning agencies; a renowned photographer who’s worked with some recognisable consumer brands; with website partners, who’ve got considerable expertise in all things digital; while social media is carried out by Lauren Bromley of Mind Made Marketing, a specialist in this area and also head of brand for Kubu.

When we talk about brands, we’re talking about the long-term and a future vision for clients. Once this has been cemented within a business strategy, we then distill this down into marketing objectives and tactics. We must also consider the quality of content, not just for SEO purposes, but the very bones of all written communication.

PR and communications must be well written, effective and to the point and, moreover, needs to be written in a house style that’s persuasive, lasting and impactful. After all, we’re trying to influence everyone’s thinking.

webuildbrands is the start of the next chapter for this business, working with some exceptional clients and people who understand the need for excellence across all aspects of their business, including marketing. It’s the added value that also sets us apart as we look to help deliver growth, improved ROI, enhanced reputations, and stronger bottom-line performance.

Over the last 15 years we’ve helped ignite many businesses with some to sale, and we’ll certainly be looking to do the same over the next 15 years. There’s no magic recipe, but it’s a combination of experience, expertise and commitment to building brands for the long term, as our client list exemplifies.