Hone those photographic skills

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

In lockdown and wondering what to do?

Many people working from home with free time on their hands, or furloughed, are looking at retraining and taking on additional skills for when it is safe to go back to the workplace.

So, now is the time you always wanted to have to improve your photographic skills.

There are a wide range of photography distance learning packages available on the internet and a great deal of YouTube videos on the subject, all of which can be very useful.

I recommend taking time to learn the very basic skills of photography such as speed, aperture and focusing. Then, learn where these are and how to implement on your device, camera or smartphone. You will probably need a further app on your smartphone to put it into manual mode.

Once you understand how these three basic functions work together to provide a quality image for any lighting conditions, you understand the basics of photography.

With these basics understood, you can then start to play with composition in your images. The best way to do this is to take a picture you like from any catalogue or magazine and try to replicate the picture with your camera. With practice, you will improve your skills.

Like all skills, practice makes perfect.