Architectural glass is being used in a growing number of residential applications. Adam Shaylor explains how Cornwall Architectural Glass is helping architectural glazing specialists meet demand.

The boom seen in the application of structural and architectural glass in the commercial sector in the past decade is today being replicated in high-end residential markets.
The Grand Designs effect, plus a greater awareness of the positive impact increased exposure to natural light can have on everything from our mood to sleep patterns, has driven growing end-user demand for lighter and better connected homes.
At the same time, education and an increased understanding of the wider potential applications of structural glazing in residential development means architects are pushing the boundaries of design.
This sees structural glass as the defining material in a new era in residential architecture, which has driven a growth in demand for laminates, innovation in applications and scope of those applications.
Cornwall Glass acquired multi-laminate specialist LW Architectural Glass at the end of March. Now operating as Cornwall Architectural Glass – London, it not only continues Cornwall Glass’s journey along the north and east length of the M5 and M4, but brings a new range of specialist products into the fold.
We have incredible capacity. We can laminate a 5m x 2.5m panel, or heat soak a 6m x 5m jumbo, but that’s not really what sets us apart. Where we are different is in that everything we do is bespoke.
We’re a multi-laminate specialist but we don’t have a laminate cutting table. Everything that we make is done to order and to the precise specification of our customers – there’s no off-the-shelf manufacture.
Each and every process that we deliver is done by us, and that gives us incredible flexibility and quality control.
The purpose-built glass division includes what we believe to be the UK’s largest heat soak oven, capable of toughening sheets 3,200mm wide by 11,000mm long, and the UK’s largest autoclave, which is capable of handling units of 2,500mm and 6,950mm.
The manufacturing facility also boasts an Efco Furnace convection oven, a second Hoaf heat soak oven, two Adellio Lattuada straight-line edgers, a bespoke back painting facility, Skill Drill and CNC capability to stand alongside a state-of-the-art sterile operating-theatre type, climatic lamination centre, as well as the capability to laminate resin-poured product.
This translates into a product offering that includes over-sized units, walk-on-floors, walk-on rooflghts, staircases and balustrading, and more. The laminate offering includes PVB, EVA, cast resin, and Century Guard lamination in-house.
You only have to see the increased demand for structural glazing in the building envelope to understand the potential that this delivers to our customers. We can do it on a 10-day turn around because we own each process and have the capacity to deliver it from our own factory.
There’s a huge amount of potential pull through for Cornwall Glass. It means we can offer specialist laminate products throughout the businesses, serving markets across the south and south west.
What it also gives Cornwall Architectural Glass – London is a wider infrastructure, established relationships with suppliers and increased focus on customer service.
I’ve spoken with a number of former LW Architectural customers, who without fail rated the product offer from LW very highly and wanted to buy from it. If you bring in Cornwall Glass’s reputation for service and support, then you have a very strong commercial proposition.