Future colour of windows

By Selecta Systems.

Over the last few years, one of the main growth areas in PVCU windows and doors has been the demand for colour.

As we enter a new decade, colour remains high on the homeowner’s agenda as they look to windows and doors that are not only secure and thermally efficient, but that they also complement the style, period and location of their property.

Selecta Systems’sales director Andy Green said: “For a number of years, the coloured PVCU window and door market had been dominated by the authentic wood grained effect of mahogany, then black cherry (rosewood) and golden oak as homeowners looked to replicate traditional timber windows and doors, rather than just a having a smooth white appearance.

“However, the white PVCU window and door market has remained strong as wood-grained effects do not always suit the property. The advancements and developments of PVCU window styles and door solutions, over the last few years, combined with the emergence of coloured foils, is really what has captured the imagination of the homeowner, as they look to windows and doors that comfortably fit in to the style, period and location of their home. No longer is a white PVCU casement window or entrance door the norm.”

Selecta recently reviewed its sales trend analysis for last year, and found that foiled profiles account for approximately 35% of window and door profile sales. Anthracite grey continues to dominate foiled colour profiles (52%).

“Surprisingly, black cherry still accounted for 18% of colour sales during 2019, with golden oak at 9% and black/brown at 8%,” Andy said.“The remaining 13% is made up of cream, chartwellgreen, white, Irish oak and an array of greys and specialist colours. Industry and consumer desire for coloured profiles has seen Selecta carry out regular reviews of the latest and up-and-coming colour and market trends and invest in the businesses infrastructure to meet and exceed those demands.”

Large investments have come in terms of plant, machinery and resources within the lamination department, along with improved system and operational changes.

Lamination supervisor DanCoton said: “Over the last couple of years we have replaced and added new lamination lines to allow for greater flexibility within the planning of stock and special coloured foil orders. This has significantly improved our coloured profile output capacity that allowsus to supply fabricators with a standard and premium range of 14 colours, giving you 28 colourway options on top of your standard white.

“The new lamination machines have greater running speeds, with each machine capable of improving production output by approximately 100% on the one with which it replaced. In total, our coloured foil production increased by 62.5% in 2019, compared with 2018, which demonstrates the huge surge in demand for coloured PVCU windows and doors.”

The new lamination machines’ upgraded performance capabilities have also improved efficiency and output quality, thus providing greater foil adhesion and a superior foiled finish. As part of its environmental development programme, Selecta’s impact on the environment has also been greatly reduced with a decrease in the volume of solvent adhesives being used.

“The more environmentally friendly hot melt lamination machines have reduced solvent emissions and improved waste stream management significantly,” Dan said.

With the demand for coloured profiles showing no sign of respite, Selecta has further production and storage investment plans in place for the coming months.

Andy said: “In this ever-changing industry we have been greeted with an array of innovative window and door solutions and a palette of on-trend and authentic colours. However, in light of this large-scale colour spectacle, there still remains a strong and large market for your standard smooth white framed PVCU windows and doors. I’m sure that there’s still a lot of legs left in your white PVCU window and door market, and that they will be around for quite a few years to come.

“Who knows, they could become the next trend in a few years’ time.”